Reliable and safe pumps and compressors for power generation and manufacturing


Power Generation and Manufacturing


Power generation plant



The power generation market includes all activities concerned with the creation and transmission of electricity to consumers, as well as corporate concerns who manufacture consumables, chemicals, metals and other high technology devices. Many industrial facilities, including refineries, chemical plants and steel mills – as well as hospitals, universities and other large public institutions – operate their own on-site power plants to generate electricity reliably and cost effectively. The vast majority of electricity in the modern era is generated via the use of steam-driven turbines, which are fueled by burning natural gas, coal or other fossil fuels. Growth in renewable energy sources and combined cycle gas turbine units are reducing the use of traditional power sources creating opportunities such as fuel gas boost compressors. Accudyne Industries business units manufactures products that are an ideal fit for handling the applications and services associated with the power generation process:


Sundyne integrally geared centrifugal gas compressors are known for their compact space requirements, fast and reliable startup, and low equipment lifecycle costs for fuel gas boosting applications.


Milton Roy metering pumps provide precise chemical delivery for cooling tower and boiler water treatment.


Haskel liquid pumps and gas boosters serve an array of needs across a variety of power generation processes: dosing fixed amounts of caustic soda for descaling boilers; testing valves, pipelines and fittings; and for transferring SF6 gas from circuit breakers into storage cylinders and back again during circuit breaker maintenance.


Sunflo integrally geared high pressure pumps are widely used for boiler feed and NOx suppression.



Sterile bottle cleaning



The food and beverage industry is a wide-ranging market segment concerned with the preparation and distribution of countless consumer products. This is achieved via the execution of numerous specialized processes, including liquefaction, emulsification, cooking, pickling, pasteurization, preservation, packaging, cleaning and many more. Of course, due to the strict standards that govern the purity and quality of foodstuffs, these services must be executed with a high degree of precision. The food and beverage industry relies on Accudyne Industries pumps, compressors and mixers to safely and efficiently prepare their products for distribution:


Dosatron water-power proportional metering pumps and hygiene units can be used for automatic preparation, concentrates dosing and injection of glutaraldehyde and organic acids.


Milton Roy Mixing provides agitation for separation of contents in large vats.


Sunflo integrally geared pumps deliver high-pressure water for tank and filter cleaning and wash-water services.



Storing liquids in manufacturing processes



Manufacturing is industrial production where raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. Accudyne Industries business units provide products to diverse manufacturing companies who produce diverse products such as automobiles, aerospace, appliances and household goods:


Haskel pumps and gas boosters are the number one choice across a range of manufacturing industries; in automotive manufacturing, Haskel pumps charge an accumulator actuated by a pressure switch that will stop the press if tonnage is exceeded. Aerosol product manufacturers use Haskel pumps to pump liquid or gaseous mediums such as CO2 into aerosol cans.


PPI-Pressure Products Industries sealless reciprocating diaphragm compressors deliver non-contaminating compression of any gas. They are widely used for cylinder filling, fuel cell technology, or transfer of high purity or dangerous gases under pressure – without contamination or leakage.


Sunflo integrally geared pumps are used for high-pressure wash water in manufacturing processes.



Metals manufacturing


Metal manufacturing is the process of construction of machines, structures and piping from various raw materials. Metal processors rely on Accudyne Industries business unit products to improve product quality, reduce operating costs and increase production from steel pickling to machine shops:


Dosatron has non-electric dosing pumps that ensure efficient metering and mixing during filling or adjusting operations with mineral or synthetic soluble oils, or the addition of biocides and anticorrosive and emulsifying agents.


Milton Roy Mixing offers custom engineered agitation that can be adapted to different applications such as liquid holding suspension, homogenization, gas dispersion, and heat transfer.


ANSIMAG plastic lined sealless magnetic drive pumps are perfectly suited to hazardous fluids utilized for steel pickling.




Mining processing facility


The mining industry extracts metals, rare earth minerals, coal, shale, potash and other useful materials for manufacturing products or for energy use. The business units of Accudyne Industries provide pumps that are utilized in mining operations around the world:


LMI metering pumps are an efficient choice for chemical delivery for water conditioning, cooling and heating, and process utilities used during mining operations.


Haskel liquid pumps and gas boosters can be used for a variety of applications including setting of hydraulic mine props, testing of roof support systems, hoses and valves, fire prevention, rock bursting and breathing air.


ANSIMAG plastic lined sealless magnetic drive pumps and Marelli vertical sump pumps are widely utilized for dewatering and handling volatile leaching water.


Dust suppression is accomplished by mine operators with Sunflo integrally geared high pressure water pumps.



Pulp and paper manufacturing rollers



Pulp and paper manufacturing companies use wood as a raw material to produce pulp, paper and other cellulose-based products. The manufacturing process involves soaking wood pulp in water and chemicals and then flattening and drying the paper products out in flat rolls. Accudyne Industries business units provide pumps for use in specific areas of pulp and paper manufacturing:


Milton Roy metering pumps are used to treat and transport materials for further processing and preparation during the stock creation, paper creation and coating stages of pulp and paper processing.


Sunflo integrally geared high pressure pumps are widely used for felt washing.



Pharmaceutical manufacturing


Pharmaceutical manufacturing is the process of producing drugs on an industrial scale. Operations in the manufacturing process include milling, granulation, coating, tablet processing and extrusion. Each operation requires exacting standards for precise chemistry, sterility and safety. The pharmaceutical industry relies on Accudyne Industries business units to provide products for manufacturing industrial scale drug formulations:


Milton Roy Mixing agitators can be customized to the processing requirements of this industry with product construction that meets the highest quality, using non-oxidizing materials and proper seals.


Dosatron non-electric proportional dispensers provide secure dosing of products used in disinfection of hemodialysis instruments, medical baths, endoscope washing machines, and more.


HMD sealless magnetic drive pumps are widely utilized for safe and efficient manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.


Milton Roy, LMI, and Williams metering pumps can be used to dose additives and sensitive fluids that require precise volume flows and exact conformance with specific process conditions.