Precise meetering pumps for water and waste water treatment


Water and Waste Water Treatment


Municipal water treatment


Water treatment plant



Municipal water operators are concerned with the movement, treatment and delivery of safe water for drinking, industrial, agricultural and recreational use, as well as the ultimate return of water resources to the natural environment. This segment encompasses a variety of complex applications, including coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection – all of which must be performed to comply with strict purity standards. Accudyne Industries business units provide rugged metering and injection pumps designed specifically to deliver chemicals precisely and consistently at every stage of the water purification process to control conductivity, pH and oxygen reduction potential:


Milton Roy metering pumps and packages safely and accurately deliver a wide range of chemical additives such as coagulants, filter aids, disinfectants, flocculents, oxidants, pH conditioners, softening agents, taste and odor controls, as well as de-chlorination chemicals.


LMI chemical metering pumps and controllers are the first choice of water and wastewater treatment professionals because they allow for a high level of repetitive accuracy when applying a wide variety of chemicals.


DOSATRON water-powered dosing pumps, certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards, reliably inject chemicals for chlorinating water and treating waste water.


ANSIMAG plastic lined sealless magnetic centrifugal pumps are used for safely transferring and mixing chemicals for disinfection.


Milton Roy mixers are widely utilized for basic treatments, sludge digestion and O2 injection.




Industrial waste water treatment


Boiler feed steam treatment



Plant operators know that treatment of water and wastewater throughout their facility is imperative to the efficient performance and overall longevity of their equipment. Without properly treated boiler and cooling water, solids and bacteria can build up and react with the pipe work or boiler housing. This will ultimately lead to scale and corrosion, which is incredibly damaging to industrial equipment. To mitigate these problems, Accudyne Industries business units manufacture pumps designed to inject coagulants, disinfectants, softening agents, acids and bases for pH control and de-chlorination chemicals into a plant’s water systems:


Milton Roy metering pumps are efficient, cost-effective and reliably designed specifically for industrial water treatment.


Milton Roy mixers are widely utilized for basic treatments, sludge digestion and O2 injection.


Williams pneumatic metering pumps are ideally suited to precisely inject a wide variety of chemicals designed for treating industrial water and wastewater.


LMI chemical metering pumps for versatile applications in water and wastewater treatment.


Sunflo high pressure centrifugal pumps are widely utilized for boiler feed water and membrane filtration wash down.