Sundyne Centrifugal Compressors

Built Beyond Reliable

Based on over 50 years of technological development and investment, the latest generation of Sundyne integrally geared compressors delivers on the promise of rugged reliability, uncompromising performance and high efficiency that our customers have come to expect from our products.

Custom built to meet the unique Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of each customer’s application, Sundyne gas compressors are engineered to provide pulsation- and vibration-free operation, delivering oil-free process gas with zero emissions.

Each shipped unit is engineered in accordance with stringent API 617 and 614 standards, meaning that our machines run for up to 5 years continuously without the need for costly maintenance or over- hauls. Plus, Sundyne compressors are fully NACE compliant, giving our customers full confidence that their machine will not rust or corrode, delivering rock solid performance day in and day out.

The choice is clear. Since developing our first gas compressor in 1965, we’ve expanded upon that initial blueprint to present the performance envelope, feature set and reliability ratings that are available to our customers today.


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