Compressor Types

Sundyne engineers and manufactures both centrifugal integrally geared compressors and positive-displacement diaphragm compressors.

The centrifugal integrally geared compressors turn a rotating impeller at high speed (up to 50,000 RPM) in a shaped housing to force process gas to the rim of the impeller, increasing the velocity energy (pressure) of the gas. They are primarily used for continuous, stationary service in the oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and natural gas processing plants. Their application can be from 100 to 10,000 horsepower (75 to 7,500 kW). Multiple compressors chained together on a single integrally geared Sundyne Pinnacle LF-2000 can achieve extremely high output pressures up to 5,000 psia (350 bara).

The PPI diaphragm compressors are ideal in applications requiring leak-free, contamination-free reliable operation.  Hermetically sealed, these compressors use reciprocating pistons to convert mechanical energy to thermodynamic energy, increasing gas pressure.

Sundyne Compressor Types

  • Integrally Geared Centrifugal API-617 Compressors

    At Sundyne Corporation, we pride ourselves on being specialists in API centrifugal compressor standards.

    API-617 Compressor Details
  • Integrally Geared Centrifugal Single Stage Heavy Duty Compressor

    Sundyne Corporation single-stage centrifugal compressors typically provide the same performance range as multi-stage, piston driven positive displacement compressors, allowing for smaller, easier to maintain equipment that requires overall less energy to keep running.

    Single-Stage Compressor Details
  • Integrally Geared Centrifugal, Multi Stage Compressors

    Sundyne Corporation multi-stage centrifugal compressors deliver the same performance range as traditional piston-driven design, but they generate several operational efficiencies that set them apart as a superior alternative.

    Multi-Stage Compressor Details
  • Sundyne PPI Diaphragm Compressors

    PPI (Pressure Products Industries) Diaphragm Compressors are ideal in applications requiring leak-free, contamination-free reliable operation.

    Diaphragm Compressor Details

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