The Sundyne LMV-803Lr is an API 610 compliant, OH3 or OH5 type pump for ultra-low NPSHr pump applications.

Ultra-Low NPSHr Pump:
Sundyne engineers have decades of impeller and inducer design experience. They leveraged that experience and analysis to develop a heavy duty vertical inline centrifugal pump with NPSHr performance that is unparalleled in oil and gas production, midstream and hydrocarbon processing industries. The LMV-803Lr is cabable of running ultra-low NPSHr <5 ft (1.5m) up and down the curve without losing performance.

  ♦ Flows to 800 gpm (180 m³/hr)
  ♦ Heads to 1,000 ft (305m).

Rugged 6x4 Casing:
The LMV-803Lr is Sundyne’s most robust direct drive pump to date.  A rugged 6x4 casing allows for higher pressures and higher flows.

Enhanced Impeller and Inducer Technology:
The pump features new inducer technology and a backswept impeller that eliminates low-inlet pressure cavitation.

Direct Drive Pump Applications:
Sundyne vertical inline, direct drive, overhung impeller, single stage centrifugal pumps are specifically designed to save valuable space in refineries, midstream gas processing facilities, petrochemical and chemical plants.  They are designed to be used as:

  ♦ Feed pumps
  ♦ Booster pumps
  ♦ Bottoms pumps
  ♦ Wash water pumps
  ♦ Reflux pumps
  ♦ Condensate pumps

Installed Cost Benefit:
Available as either an API-610 OH3 or API OH5 type pump, the LMV-803Lr can be installed at grade level, eliminating the need and expense of pump installation in a pit or construction of a tall distillation tower to provide ample head.






Heads To  120 to 1,000ft 37 to 305m
Flows To  50 to 900gpm 11 to 204m3/hr
Max Power  0 to 400hp 0 to 298kW
Temp Range  0 to 300°F -18 to 149°C
Number of Stages  1
Max Case Working Pressure  1,000 psig 70 kg/cm2
Max Suction Pressure  525 psig (37kg/cm2)
Differential Head  1,000 ft 305 m
Standard Delivery  Consult Factory
Speed Range  1,800 to 3,600rpm-60Hz
Materials of Construction  Stainless Steel
Bearing Materials Available Anti-Friction Bearings (Bearing Box Only)
Hydrotest Pressure  1,500 psig 105 kg/cm2
Mounting Configurations  Vertical
Number of Available Hydraulics... Consult Factory
Seal Configurations Available  Tandem
Available Inducer  Yes
Available Flanges  6" 600# inlet, 4" 600# discharge
Pump Case Corrosion Allowance  0.125" (3.175mm)
Suction and Discharge Size  6" x 4"
API Plans for Sundyne Pumps  11, 12, 14, 52

  • Production
  • Refining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Gas Processing