For global companies in the oil, chemical and water process industries struggling with high energy and maintenance costs, Sundyne centrifugal integrally geared and sealless magnetic drive pumps represent a superior performance alternative. Sundyne dramatically reduces operational expenses – which can account for as much as 96% of your budget – by custom engineering pumps to meet your industrial process’ Best Efficiency Point. Built to exacting API and ISO standards, Sundyne pumps run reliably for years without the need for an expensive overhaul. With over 1 million custom combinations available, our integrally geared designs reduce footprints up to 75%, maximizing valuable space; while our innovative sealless pumps eliminate unacceptable emissions, advancing worksite safety and environmental stewardship. The choice is obvious: Sundyne technology delivers the increased reliability and efficiency you demand.


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Pump Classifications

  • Pump Types

    Sundyne specializes in the design and manufacture of centrifugal integrally geared low-flow high head and multi-stage ISO 13709/API-610 standard pumps, and sealless magnetic drive pumps that meet API-685 and ANSI standards.

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  • Pump Markets

    Built-to-order and engineered to your specifications, Sundyne advanced engineering and diverse pump product portfolio has grown to accomodate the unigue needs of hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas production, chemical processing, general industry, power generation and engineered water.

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  • Pump Industry Standards

    Sundyne centrifugal integrally geared and sealless magnetic drive pumps come in many different configurations and are designed to meet specific and robust certification standards including API, ISO, ASME, ANSI, DIN, JIS and ATEX.

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  • Pump Legacy Brands

    We set the standard of centrifugal integrally geared pumps. Sundyne also acquired some of the industry's leading brands. We have bolstered the Sundyne product line and solidified our commitment to providing you with a wide range of fluid handling services and solutions.

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  • Pump Applications

    Sundyne centrifugal API/ISO and sealless pumps are primarily specified in refineries, oil and gas production, petro-chemical plants, chemical production, pipelines, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, manufacturing and engineered water.

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