HMD Kontro Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

HMD Pumps pioneered the sealless magnetic drive pump over sixty years ago, breaking new territory in fluid handling technology. More than a decade ago, Sundyne combined HMD with the American company Kontro to create Sundyne HMD Kontro, which stands as one of the most reliable pump manufacturers operating today.


The HMD sealless magnetic drive design affords a wide range of operational benefits, making them a worthwhile alternative to traditional sealed pumps. Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps present absolutely no risk of emissions or leaks, which can harm productivity, employees and the environment. What's more, with no seals to replace and streamlined components that are used across the entire Sundyne sealless pump product line, spare parts inventory can be kept at a minimum, helping to reduce your operating budget. The bottom line: using Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps in your workflow equates to maximized reliability and up time.


For situations involving high temperatures, high viscosity, high pressures and volatile substances, sealless magnetic drive pumps are the clear choice. Specifically, when it comes to applications in the petroleum, chemical, gas production, pharmaceutical and general process industries that involve toxic, fine, corrosive and aggressive liquids that must be handled, our sealless magnetic drive pumps deliver the rock solid performance engineers demand and that industrial regulations require.


The GSP OH2 model, the GSPV OH 4 Vertical Inline and the GSPVS VS4 Sump Pump are engineered to meet exacting American Petroleum Institute (API 685 and 610) standards for sealless magnetic drive pumps, and they are purpose-built for use in refinery applications and environments.


Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps also meet the rigorous ASME / ANSI B73.3 and ISO 2858 standards for chemical processing.

Take a moment explore our wide range sealless magnetic drive pumps. For more information regarding the benefits that these products can bring to your application, contact your local Sundyne sales representative.



HMD Kontro Models

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