Sealless Vertical Sump Pump
Sealless Vertical Sump Pump

Magnetic drive sealless pumps in a compact package, using fewer parts with no seal systems for reduced cost operation. Highly reliable with safe sealless design makes it suitable for the most difficult sump pump applications. Designed specifically for use in tank farms as a fuel transfer pump; a typical application would be an airport where it can be utilized as an aviation fuel pump.

Industrial sump pump applications include:

- Tank fluid transfer

- Oil and gas refineries

- Chemical and petrochemical process plants

- Upstream - sump and drains

- Drainage

- HPI and CPI pumps

- Industrial waste treatment

- Gas and coal processing

- Utilities

Sealless Vertical Sump Pumps

  • GSPVS VS4 Vertical Sealless Sump Pump

    GSPVS VS4 Vertical Sealless Sump Pump

    The VS4 vertical inline shaft sealless magnetic drive sump pump is fully ATEX compliant and meets AP ...

    VS4 API 685 Sealless Sump Pump