Welcome Sundyne Channel Partners

The Sundyne Partner secured site is for authorized Sundyne Channel Partners (Representatives and Distributors) only. Please log-in below or register for site access.



Why register for access to the Sundyne ChannelONE secure web site? 
Sundyne Channel Partners are awarded access only if they are contracted to sell Sundyne family products including Sundyne Pumps and Compressors, Sunflo, Ansimag, and HMD/Kontro. Authorized Partners can view and download proprietary content including technical data packages by serial number, register for sales training, order sales literature, order demonstration models, download contact lists, sales kits and view detailed product information.  We will notify you by e-mail once your registration has been approved and your account has been set up.

Channel Partner Registration FAQs

Before you contact Sundyne Marketing, please review the following Frequently Asked



Q. When I register, the form asks me if I'm an Employee, Customer, Supplier, or Channel Partner.  Which do I select?

A. The following definitions apply to www.sundyne.com registration.

Employee--for direct Sundyne Employees only with a sundyne.com email


Customer--any engineering company, processor, end user, or OEM that purchase products or services from Sundyne. This does not include authorized factory

representatives or distributors handling the Sundyne product line.


Channel Partner--any company officially selling products and/or services on behalf of

Sundyne.  This includes all contracted Authorized Service Centers, Sales

Representatives and Distributors.

Q. I just registered with www.sundyne.com and I can log into the Partner portal with no problem.  However, when I try to log into SundQUEST it says my company is not recognized.  What's wrong?

A. The login (your e-Mail address) and password provided to you is for your www.sundyne.com account only.  A separate request to set up and authorize your account for SundQUEST access must be made AFTER your initial login to www.sundyne.com.  Here are the proper procedures to follow:

1. Go to www.sundyne.com and click on the "Partner" portal access at the top center of the home page.

2. Click on the orange "Log-In" button and enter your login id (your e-Mail) and the

password provided.

3. Once you are inside the Partner Portal, please click on the "SundQUEST" tab located directly under the Sundyne Logo in the upper left portion of the page.  Here is the direct link, http://www.sundyne.com/SundQUEST

4. Click on the Orange "Password" button and completely fill out the form before hitting the submit button.

Please allow 24 business hours for us to process your account for full rights and

entitlements to SundQUEST.


Q. Can I request access to SundQUEST without having an account set up with


A. No.  To insure we are providing you with the relevant services and entitlements for

SundQUEST, you must  first register with www.sundyne.com. Please click here to register. Completely fill out the form and submit your registration request.  Once you are approved, log into the Partner Portal (top center of home page) and then you may request that your account be granted access to SundQUEST.  Click here and complete the SundQUEST access form.