Advanced Engineering Consultation

Every day, in almost every country in the world, Sundyne customers experience our innovative technology as they come to rely on our products and services.  Our quest for excellence in everything we do and customer satisfaction has no end.  That is why Sundyne developed one of the most rigorous quality improvement programs within the process industry.


Grounded in that methodology is the day-to-day availability of Advanced Engineering consultation like: Vibration Analysis, Computer Modeling and enhanced Monitoring Diagnostics.

Advanced engineering

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering










The ability to design, simulate and optimize our product development techniques through

various technical and structural analysis delivers significant benefits to our customers.



Advanced Engineering Advanced Engineering Advanced Engineering











Some of those benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Numerous materials can be modeled
  2. Fewer prototypes are required
  3. Products get to market faster
  4. Ensures best-in-class product development at lower cost
  5. Enables field trouble-shooting
  6. Enables Relentless Root Cause Analysis