What Are Commissioning Services?

Commissioning services is a comprehensive on-site portfolio of services that ensures your successful startup and long-term operation, and includes:



Maintenance and Operation Training:

Sundyne-certified training to ensure you are ready to handle all aspects of commissioning and long term successful operation and maintenance of your Sundyne equipment.


Pre-commissioning Review:

Sundyne-certified review of local installation, control systems and auxillary interfaces, along with review of customer prepared startup and operating procedures.


Startup Support:

Sundyne-certified support services to ensure successful equipment startup.


Repair and Troubleshooting Assistance:

Sundyne-certified technical assistance to cover all repairs and troubleshooting needs.


MTBF Consultation Services:

Sundyne-certified consultation provided on a unit specific basis to evaluate system, operational and maintenance practices leading to reduced MTBF.



Benefits of the Commissioning Services

  • Offers proactive controlled approach to commissioning Sundyne equipment.
  • Reduces risk for costly installation and startup mistakes.
  • Minimizes downtime through knowledgeable operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Offers comprehensive training manuals and training course certificates.
  • Provides written site reports including recommendations for improved performance.



  • List of Sundyne products, including model and serial number.
  • Operational maintenance and modification history of unit(s).
  • Site access and training room access.
  • Approximate date for desired training or site visit.


Take A Tour Today!

Training and site visits are by appointment within five working days notice.  Customized training may require additional notice. Emergency response service can be arranged with less than five working days notice.

Commissioning Services Typically Include:


  • General Inspection
  • Installation and Mounting
  • Process Piping
  • Allignment
  • Seal System
  • Lube Oil System
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Startup
  • Run and Post Run
  • Pre-Commissioning Acceptance Certificate
  • Commissioning Acceptance Certificate