Managing Your Equipment Lifecycle

During the course of a pump or compressor lifecycle, the process or system environment where your product resides will experience changes in requirements due to different operating demands. Examples of those demands could include:


-- Enhanced Reliability                     -- Process Changes                    -- Best Efficiency

-- Industry Compliance                    -- Standards                               -- Safety


Upgrade And Save!

Unfortunately, operational changes cause a chain reaction of events that decrease your system's points of efficiency. (ie. increased power consumption, suction or discharge recirculation, temperature rise, cavitation and more). Our service delivers a rapid re-engineering capability that effectively returns your pumps and compressors back to the best efficiency point (BEP). 


Your Benefits Include:

  • Receive a revised expected performance curve
  • Revised specification sheet
  • Updated Bill Of Materials (BOM) for your records
  • Extend the life of your equipment by performing preventative maintainence for inclusive parts (ie. ball bearings, seals, o-rings, oil filters and more)
  • Service accomplished WITHOUT disrupting your existing process piping or installation.

Re-engineering Change Sequence

  1. Define the new operating conditions
  2. Obtain a conversion or re-rate engineering selection to achieve a new performance
  3. Specify the new parts required
  4. Purchase the new parts
  5. Install the new components directly or obtain an operational performance test
  6. Re-start the new pump or compressor unit in your process

Check Out These Legacy Gearbox Reliability Upgrades!

Gear Driven:

      -- Shaft Balancing

      -- Tapered Alignment Bolts

      -- Standard O-rings

      -- Lube Pump Upgrade

      -- Extended Sightt Glass

      -- Input Shaft Seal

      -- Tapered Thrust Washer

      -- Bearing Box

      -- Coupling Housing


Gear/Direct Driven:

      -- Seal Bushings