NEW Reliability Assurance Kits (RAK) Preventative Maintenance for your Sundyne Pumps and Compressors

Introducing the NEW Sundyne Reliability Assurance Kit, all of the parts you need to keep your Sundyne Pump and Compressor running smoothly while minimizing maintenance downtime.

Your EXCLUSIVE SINGLE SOURCE for ALL technical documentation and Sundyne Genuine Parts. 50 plus years of spare parts and preventive maintenance delivers what we believe are the ESSENTIALS to keep you up and running!

At Sundyne, we know that the path to keeping your refinery or chemical processing plant running smoothly rests on regular maintenance of your pumps and compressors using new Sundyne Genuine Spare Parts for your gearboxes and wet ends. Our Reliability Assurance Kits are the ONLY single source available that provides both in an easy to order, customized package that is matched to your Sundyne pump or compressor’s unique serial number. Packaged in an all-in-one carrying case that
conveniently fits in your inventory under a single part number, only Sundyne exclusively delivers what we believe to be are the essential components required for your most demanding service work. There is no more cost effective way to keep your Sundyne pump or compressor operating at peak efficiency. Realize reliability AND cost savings in your process with Sundyne innovation, today!




Sundyne Reliability Assurance Kits help you manage your inventory.

  • All of the Sundyne Genuine Parts are under one serial number versus having to track dozens of numbers in your ERP system.
  • All parts are contained in a single heavy duty package, that can be easily purchased, stored and accessed by your maintenance team.
  • Restock used parts easily with a kit refill.
  • Reliability Assurance Kits are sealed to reduce – or even eliminate – contamination and corrosion.
  • Reliability Assurance Kits provide Sundyne Genuine Parts at your disposal, ready for maintenance or emergency repairs and giving your engineering teams peace of mind.
Highly reliable, cost saving Sundyne innovation.


Reliability Assurance Kits come in two convenient sizes to meet your Sundyne Genuine Parts needs.


Partial RAK

Full RAK

A RAK covers the recommended spare parts lists for a Sundyne LMV/BMP Pump, Sunflo P-3000, or a Sundyne LMC/BMC Compressor. 

Sundyne Genuine Parts* included in a FULL Reliability Assurance Kit are listed below:

* You may customize the parts for your Reliability Assurance Kit. We recommend that you purchase full kits to ensure that you have every Sundyne Genuine Part on hand to minimize your maintenance down time.

A RAK always includes the Specification Sheet and Curves unique to your Sundyne pump or compressor making it easy to service right in your facility.


  • Ball bearings
  • Fill and vent
  • Gearbox seal
  • Hex head screws
  • Input seal
  • Journal bearing
  • Thrust washer
  • Lock washer
  • Lock washer and o-ring
  • Lube jets
  • Manifold o-ring



  • Mating ring
  • Needle valve
  • O-ring
  • Oil filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Shim spacer
  • Spline tube and o-ring
  • Split line o-ring or gasket
  • Spring for lube pump
  • Thermal gasket


Wet End:

  • Flexistatic gasket
  • Hex head screws
  • Lock washer
  • Lower seal
  • Lower sleeve
  • O-ring kit
  • Rotating face
  • Tab washer
  • Upper seal
  • Upper sleeve


Order a complete Sundyne Reliability Kit and receive 10% off from your parts if you ordered them individually. Or contact the Channel Partner nearest you for additional information.





Keep the customized Reliability Assurance Kits on hand for each of your pumps or compressors for regular maintenance and emergencies, or order them when needed.