Uptime Assurance - Protecting Your Investment

Sundyne Uptime Assurance™ is an over-arching, continuous improvement program that integrates multiple service offerings and promises peace-of-mind, resulting from consistent operations, and machines tuned to perform at their best-efficiency-point (BEP). Our strategic goal is to deliver our customers real savings in total equipment operating costs by addressing:

          -- Product reliability      -- Maintenance costs        -- Energy Costs


Consisting of a robust combination of Field ServiceFactory ServiceTraining, Genuine Parts Supply (including optimized inventory and enhanced procurement) and Advanced Engineering Consultation-- our service excellence team defines the customer support plan from start to finish. Our service offerings address end user requirements for enhanced reliability, optimal efficiency, managed process changes, compliance to industry specifications / standards and safety.


Our comprehensive approach spurs broad collaboration at both the local field AND factory level. Each service offering works in tandem to minimize disruptions and unwanted operational surprises, reduce your total cost of ownership and provide the UPTIME ASSURANCE our customers deserve.

Learn More About Your Best Efficiency Point

Sundyne pumps and compressors are engineered and built to order. You choose the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) for any process and Sundyne will engineer to your exact specifications. You do not need to force fit a pump or compressor to match the duty point. Why compromise on efficiency and performance by accepting a less than optimal head and flow? Sundyne has a complete line of industry-standard pumps and compressors that will maximize your efficiency and significantly reduce your life cycle costs. (as much as 80-85% lifecycle cost savings)

              With more than one million combinations of custom diffusers and impellers available, Sundyne can solve your most demanding process challenge today!